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Horizontal Pressure Filter

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 Horizontal Pressure Filter

Horizontal pressure filter is used for separating and removing solid impurities from liquid. It features high production capacity, low moisture content of filter cake, little energy consumption, and no pollution. The whole filtration process is done automatically.

When it works, the untreated suspension will be sent into the filter vessel. The solid particles whose diameter is larger than the holes on the vessel will be left and sent to the bottom of the filter by the rotating brushes. Then the filtered liquid will be discharged through a pipe and the impurities will be exhausted by the bottom valve.

This kind of horizontal pressure filter is applicable in solid-liquid separation in nonferrous metallurgy, black metallurgy, coal, chemical, alkali, construction material, clean coal dehydration, and urban sewage treatment industries.

Working Principle
The filter part of horizontal pressure filter is designed to be placed in a sealed pressure vessel. Under the chute of the disc filter, we have set a scraper conveyor. The discharging device is mounted at the head of the pressure filter. The suspension enters the filter vessel under the support of the feeding pump. Some compressed air with certain pressure is filled into the pressure chamber. Therefore, a pressure difference is generated with the distribution valve and the gas-water separator, and the liquid will be exhausted through the filter media under the pressure of the chamber. The solid particles will be collected on the medium to form a filter cake. As the rotation of the filter disc, the filter cake is dried and sent to the scraper conveyor, and then collected to a discharging device, which works intermittently to discharge the filter cake when a certain amount of cakes have been accumulated.

Technical Parameters
Model 80 100 120 150
Motor power (kw) 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55
Speed of brush (rpm/min) 13 13 13 13
Max working pressure (Mpa) 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3
Max production capacity (m3/h) 80 100 120 150