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Pin-Type Impact Mill

Starch Mill, Pin-Type Impact Mill, Corn Mill, Cassava Flour Mill

 Pin-Type Impact Mill

WZM series pin-type impact mill is a high-efficiency modern milling machine. It is applied extensively in starch and rice flour processing field to mill corn, cassava, and beans, as well as juice processing industry. With the capability of simplifying the starch production line, and improving starch output, pin-type impact mill has been an ideal choice for starch and food industries.

Features of Pin-Type Impact Mill
1. This kind of impact mill is manufactured according to international quality standards
2. An advanced lubrication system is employed, allowing for low power, small energy and oil consumption, and little cost
3. The water cooling device is set to modify the bearings’ temperature and extend their life
4. The impact mill employs the bearing support with certain flexibility for little vibration and stable running of the system
5. An automatic belt tensioner is adopted for high transmission efficiency, stable running, and long belt life
6. The pin-type impact mill is equipped with a touch screen for users to adjust the technical parameters. It is able to record the production data
7. The imported SKF bearings are committed to run stably for long service time
8. The moving disc adopts high-precision balancing mechanism. It runs stably and is easy to be maintained. The usage cost is rather low.

Technical Parameters
Model WZM750 WZM1000
Production capacity (corn) T/h 5~7 10~15
Outer diameter of the moving disk (mm) 750 1025
Rotating speed (r/min) 3800 3100
Main motor power (kw) 110 220
Oil pump power (kw) 0.035 0.035
Starch content (%) ≤15 ≤15
Fine/coarse slag of milled materials ≥2.5: 1 ≥2.5: 1
Dimension (L×W×H) 2250×1400×1700 2710×1600×2375