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Corn Germ Disc Mill

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 Corn Germ Disc Mill

DTMT series corn germ disc mill is a kind of rough corn crushing equipment basing on wet corn milling technique. There are 4 models available: 80, 920, 120, and 150. DTMT corn milling machine is applicable in the rough crushing treatment of corn grain and germ which have been appropriately soaked, to separate corn germ from corn dust and corn endosperm, and thus improving the germ yield. With the spacing adjustable, it is suitable for coarsely crushing the corn having been socked. DTMT series corn milling machine is distinguished for good sealing effect, large output, little energy consumption, and easy maintenance. It is equipped with self-protection function.

Structure and Working Principle of DTMT

1. Main Structure of DTMT Corn Flour Milling Machine
DTMT series corn flour milling machine is mainly consisted of 2 discs, with the moving disc mounted on a rotating shaft driven by engine and moving along the shaft. The fixed disc is installed on the outer cover of grinding chamber. The moving shaft conducts axial movement under the support of a transmission structure to change the spacing between the moving and fixed discs. The protruding points are arranged in several lines, with the spacing between 2 points becoming smaller gradually from inner to outer rings. The points of 2 discs intersect with each other radially. A material feeding plate is mounted on the moving plate close to the driving shaft.

In the middle of grinding chamber cover, we have set an inlet for corn. The rectangular discharge port is set at the bottom of the grinding chamber. The moving and fixed discs are available in integral or combined styles, among which the integral type means casting the protruding points on a piece of plate, and the combined disc is fabricated by integrating several toothed plates (6-8 plates in general) on a flat plate. Toothed plates are mainly casted from ductile iron or wear resistant alloys.

Toothed plate is the vital part in corn grinding machine to crush corns. So, corn flour grinding machine is also called corn crusher. The purpose of crushing is to separate germs from other parts of corn. The transmission system of corn grinding machine is in both direct and belt driving types. Grinding machine with the plate diameter smaller than 800mm often adopts direct driving, and grinding machine whose plate diameter is larger than 900mm generally employs belt driving.

2. Working Principle
After a grinding process of the socked corn, the crushed corn pieces will fall into the grinding chamber through the inlet under the action of gravity, and then be thrown to the fixed and moving discs. Since the relative rotation of the 2 discs and the special layout of discs, the corn particles will bear a centrifugal force and be thrown out of the discs. In this process, the corn kernels rub and hit with each other to get crushed. While the mutual impact between the particles will have little influence on the corn’s germ, which is good for the separation of germ and reducing the fat content of starch.

Technical Parameters
Model DTWT80 DTWT920 DTWT1200 DTWT1500
First grinding production capacity 4-8T/h 20-25T/h 20-30T/h 30-40T/h
complete corn grains 1%
germ removal rate 85%
grinding degree 4-6 pieces
Secondary grinding production capacity 6-12T/h 20-26T/h 20-30T/h 30-50T/h
complete corn grains zero
germ removal rate 15%
grinding degree 10-12 pieces

Precautions for Use
1. Before feeding the corn, users must apply an iron removal device to ensure that there is no iron piece mixed in the materials; otherwise the iron may enter the crushing chamber and break the toothed discs;
2. The crushing chamber must be washed clean before the corns are fed; the materials should be fed stably; the feeding process should be interrupted before stopping the machine;
3. Users should control the proportion of materials and water (1: 2.5~3) in case the crushed material is too dilute or thick;
4. The spacing between discs should be adjusted in time to guarantee the grinding degree and production capacity;
5. The toothed discs are made from wear-resistant materials. During production, users should determine the replacement cycle and replace the plates in time according to the actual production volume and desired grinding effect.
6. When the machine works, users can reverse the rotating direction of the moving disc to extend its life; the toothed disc used for the 1st grinding process can be replaced for the 2nd process to improve the grinding effect, extend the plates’ life, as well as lower the maintenance cost.
6. A balance test is compulsory before replacing the moving disc in case the machine may vibrate during working.