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Single Screw Press / Dewatering Machine

Dewatering Screw Press, Dewatering Machine for Fibrous Materials, Grain Dewatering Machine

 Single Screw Press / Dewatering Machine

Features of LXZ Series Single Screw Press
1. The single screw press employs cycloidal speed reducer or hardened cylindrical gear speed reducer for its driving part. It is consisted of frame, feeding chamber, discharging chamber, spiral shaft, screen plate, and transmission system. The materials enter the machine through the inlet. Under the action of the spiral shaft, the materials will be extruded for dewatering when passing the shaft with blades of variable pitch and the fixed screening plate. The dewatering machine is compact in structure and runs stably with no vibration.
2. The shaft is designed with conical blades of pitch. Under a large compression ratio, the materials are compressed as moving forward and drain its water through the screening plate. The dewatered materials will be sent to the discharging port.
3. A bi-parting bolt fastening structure is adopted for screening plate for easy removal and maintenance.
4. For the feeding port and lower part of the dewatering machine, we have set water receiving device and drainage pipe to recycle the used water.
5. The shaft with conical blades of variable pitch runs at a low speed so the materials are compressed gradually to extrude the water completely.
6. This single screw press used for dewatering is of small volume and is easy to be operated.

LXZ series single screw press works based on the mechanical compression principle. It is widely applied in the dewatering treatment of materials containing crude fiber in chemical, food and light industries, such as corn grain dewatering, corn fiber dewatering, and cassava residue dewatering. The dewatered materials can be fed into drying equipment directly, effectively lowering the energy consumption of dryer.

Technical Parameters
Model DLTS350 DLTS350 DLTS500 DLTS500 DLTS550 DLTS650
Material types fiber germ fiber germ fiber fiber
Production capacity (T/H) 1.6-1.8 1.6-1.8 3.5-3.8 2.8-3 4.0-4.5 4.8-5.2
Water content (before) (%) 85-90
Water content (after) (%) 55-60
Transmission of main shaft (r.p.m) 12 12 14 14 14 14
Motor power (kw) 7.5 7.5 30 30 30 30
Dimension (L×W×H) 900×1180 900×1180 5320×1130×1660 5020×1130×1660 5570×1250×1400 5717×1130×1750

Precautions of Use
1. Before starting the dewatering screw press, operators must check whether the fasteners are loosened, whether the belt of main shaft can move flexibly, is the screening plate broken, and if the spiral shaft and screening plate are placed well.
2. Each part of the machine must be lubricated well before the machine starts. It is suggested to adopt 5# Calcium-based greases for rolling bearings and 20# engine oil for speed reducer.
3. Check whether the various connecting parts are sealed well to prevent the materials from leaking, especially the inlet
4. For the first time starting the machine, operators should let the single screw press run with no load for 5-10 minutes to check whether there is vibration or noise. Don’t use it for production before making sure that it works well,
5. The water content of materials to be dewatered should be no more than 97%, or it will seriously affect the dewatering effect as well as the yield.
6. When the machine works, check of the temperature of bearings have exceeded 75℃ at any time. If it has reached that limit, stop the machine to check what happened.
7. If any incidents or abnormal phenomenon arise, stop the machine immediately and check the problems. Spare parts worn out seriously should be replaced in no time.
8. Operation sequence: starting the machine, feeding materials, stop feeding, stopping the machine
9. The materials should be fed uniformly; the max feeding volume should be no more than 30kg/min (taken the water content as 88%).
10. Before stopping the machine, operators must wash the chamber completely, especially the discharging chamber and the spiral shaft, or the residue materials may become hinder next time the machine starts.