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Double Shaft Mixer

Twin Shaft Mixer, Starch Mixer, Double Shaft Mixer for Alcohol, Animal Feed Mixer

 Double Shaft Mixer

Working Principle
In a double shaft mixer, the materials conduct compound motion under the action of 2 rotors moving at opposite directions. The blades drive the materials to perform anticlockwise rotation along the inner wall of the mixer. This movement has led to an area of weightlessness at the overlapping region of the 2 rotors. In this area, whatever is the materials’ shape or how much are their sizes or density, the materials will float in the air and comes into a weightless state immediately, and move in the mixer continuously and cyclically. In this way, the materials will be mixed gently, uniformly, and quickly.

Features & Applications
Double shaft mixer is mainly used for mixing thick slurry in starch, alcohol, and feed industries to ensure that in the material drying process, the wet materials won’t stick to the chamber of dryer.

This mixer features compact structure, uniform mixing effect, and no dirt. The production capacity is 5-100 t/h. The materials enter the chamber with a feeding machine. With the shafts distributed spirally on two sides of the blades rotating simultaneously, the wet materials will be discharged continuously through the outlet.

Our twin shaft mixer employs gland packaging and labyrinth seal methods for reliable sealing. The shaft is worn slightly. This mixer works reliably and is easy to be maintained.

Technical Parameters
Model HL2600 HL3200 Sj4500 HL6000
Max transmission distance (mm) 2600 3200 4500 6000
Production capacity (T) 1-10 5-15 10-20 15-25
Speed of main shaft 49 49 46 49
Reducer model Jzq200 Jzq200 Jzq350 Jzq400
Motor model Y112M Y132S Y132M Y160M
power 4 5.5 7.5 11