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Jet Sulfur Dioxide Scrubber

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 Jet Sulfur Dioxide Scrubber

Comparing with traditional ceramic sulfur dioxide scrubber, spray sulfur dioxide scrubber, and FRP sulfur dioxide scrubber, jet type sulfur dioxide scrubber shows many advantages:

1. Jet sulfur dioxide scrubber is easy operated. The concentration of sulfite produced by the scrubber is kept at a stable value. This kind of scrubber helps largely to reduce the emission of SO2.

2. The maintenance for this sulfur dioxide scrubber is easy and convenient. Used properly, it can work well for one year without repairing. FRP fan, ceramic fans, or even engine oil is unnecessary. So, users don’t have to pay for its maintenance.

3. The absorption rate of SO2 of jet sulfur dioxide scrubber is over 95%, while other sulfur dioxide scrubber is generally 75%. With a jet gas scrubber, a large amount of cost on sulfur will be saved for one year:
For a starch plant with a production capacity of 300 thousand tons, with the concentration of sulfite to be 0.2%, and 1m3 of acid for 1t of corn, about 1200m3 of acid will be consumed.
1200×1000×0.2%/2=1200 (kg)
1200× (95%-75%) =240 (kg)
The jet scrubber will save 0.24t sulfur for a day, and 0.24×355=85.2 tons of sulfur for a year.