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Wet Protein Crusher

Protein Powder Processing Machine, Starch Processing Machine, Corn Starch Machinery

 Wet Protein Crusher

In corn starch processing line, the dilute protein solution separated from the starch is compressed with a plate and frame filter press to produce protein powder, whose water content is about 50%. Besides, the protein powder is viscous. Therefore, a crushing treatment is necessary before putting the powder into bundle dryer. While, traditional crushing machine shows poor performance in this process. So, Wei Tai has specially designed a new type of wet protein crusher as a solution for this difficulty.

Working principle: the materials are forcedly fed into the crushing device by the feeding structure and crushed with high-speed knives; then the crushed materials will be discharged from bottom part of the crusher.

After a crushing treatment of the wet protein crusher, the materials feature uniform particle size and loose structure. They can be put into bundle dryer or pneumatic dryer directly. In this way, a large quantity of steam is saved. With simple structure and easy maintenance, the wet protein crusher is an ideal energy saving crushing machinery.

Technical Parameters
Model Speed of feeding device Speed of crusher Production capacity (T/h) Total power (kw) Dimension (mm)
PS-Ⅰ 35 970 10-20 29.5 3500×580×1120
PS-Ⅱ 35 970 5-10 15 3180×500×880