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    1. Tube Bundle DryerGZG series tube bundle dryer is an indirect heating type dryer, widely applied in drying loose materials without too much viscosity like powder, particulate, and bulk solids in chemical, light industry, food, and beverages industries.
    1. Pneumatic DryerUnder the driving of high-speed hot air flow generated by the pneumatic dryer, the particulate and powder materials are suspended in air and then dried in a short time.
    1. Corn Germ Disc MillDTMT series corn germ disc mill is a kind of rough corn crushing equipment basing on wet corn milling technique. There are 4 models available: 80, 920, 120, and 150.
    1. Single Screw Press / Dewatering MachineThe single screw press employs cycloidal speed reducer or hardened cylindrical gear speed reducer for its driving part. It is consisted of frame, feeding chamber, discharging chamber, spiral shaft, screen plate, and transmission system.
    1. Falling Film EvaporatorThe multiple effect evaporator employs falling film evaporation principle to boil the dilute solution. In this process, part of the water will vaporize thus the solution is concentrated.
    1. Double Shaft MixerDouble shaft mixer is mainly used for mixing thick slurry in starch, alcohol, and feed industries to ensure that in the material drying process, the wet materials won’t stick to the chamber of dryer.
    1. Jet Sulfur Dioxide ScrubberJet sulfur dioxide scrubber is easy operated. The concentration of sulfite produced by the scrubber is kept at a stable value. This kind of scrubber helps largely to reduce the emission of SO2
    1. Hammer MillSFSP series hammer mill is a new feed processing machine designed basing on the market demands, as well as the advanced technique we have introduced.
    1. Wet Protein CrusherIn corn starch processing line, the dilute protein solution separated from the starch is compressed with a plate and frame filter press to produce protein powder, whose water content is about 50%.
    1. Horizontal Pressure FilterIt features high production capacity, low moisture content of filter cake, little energy consumption, and no pollution. The whole filtration process is done automatically.
    1. Pin-Type Impact MillWZM series pin-type impact mill is a high-efficiency modern milling machine. It is applied extensively in starch and rice flour processing field to mill corn, cassava, and beans, as well as juice processing industry.
    1. Pressure Arc Screen It is also applicable in heavy-duty wet material screening occasions, such as screening, dewatering, cleaning, extracting, and solid separation, etc.
    1. Sieve Bend / Gravity Screen It has found great popularity in corn dewatering,corn germ dewatering and cleaning, and crude/fine fiber separation in starch industry.